Blackjack Ballroom casino

If you are looking for a completely hassle free online gaming experience, then we feel that Blackjack Ballroom Casino is going to be the perfect site at which to play at.

They are a long established online casino site offering both an instant play and fully downloadable gaming platform.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino
They use the complete range of games and the Microgaming gaming platforms and as such whenever you log onto play you are going to have a huge variety of different casino games to play in fact they have well over 800 games on offer!

You can also test out any of their games are a free player before playing any of their games for real money, and they do have a very generous sign up bonus that you are going to be able to claim.

That bonus is a 500.00 no deposit free play bonus on which you can keep any winnings you achieve, checkout their website for more information on how to claim that bonus but be quick it may not be around for long!

Blackjack Ballroom is a fully licensed and regulated casino site and as such whenever you do play any of their casino games you will find every single one of them has been certified as being fair and random and they also have a generous comp club too!

Blackjack Ballroom Canada Casino Reviews

If you do fancy playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino then we think you should read on, for below we have several reviews from our website visitors who have played there.

See what other players have found in regards to what this leading casino site has to offer you then give them a try and see for yourself just how good a casino site they are.

Duncan M:

I find it is the range of blackjack games that is one of the main reasons I play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, being a fan of blackjack games there are always plenty of different variants available many of which do come with low house edges.

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With that in mind if you are a blackjack player and you enjoy playing lots of different variants and have mastered playing them optimally you will find you do get a very fair chance of winning when playing them, well I do anyway, plus you don’t have to play every betting box either!

James C:

It did take me quite a while to get used to the downloadable gaming platform offered by Blackjack Ballroom Casino, however having played at many other different casino sites using different software the Microgaming gaming platform really does come with lots of added features.

One thing that appealed to me is that you can utilize the tabbed browser which lets you open up several different games and play them in different windows, as such if you want to play lots of different games but all at the same time then make sure you play using the tabbed browser.

Julie K:

I am not what you would call a high stake player, and as there is such a large and varied range of different casino games on offer at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and with the fact that you can play many of those games for pennies I do enjoy playing there.

The jackpots on offer on their slot games in particular does appeal to me for even when I am playing for low stake limits I do have the chance of winning some large amounts of cash, including several progressive jackpots too on various different types of slot machines.

Mark W:

I have been playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for many years now and want really does make this casino site so very different from most others is that you can pool all of your comp points into one account when you play at any of the other casinos that are owned by the operators of this casino.

That means I do tend to earn many more points when playing at those casinos and the redemption rates for turning my comp points into playing credits are very generous too, so I get much more value from my gambling bankrolls.

Martin B:

Knowing that there is going to be lots of ongoing bonuses available from any casino site is important to me, for many casinos tend to just save all of their best bonuses for new players, however Blackjack Ballroom Casino offer bonuses regularly.

One of the attractions of their bonuses is that they come with very fair terms and conditions, and I have managed to cash out several times after claiming their bonuses, so as far as I’m concerned they are up there with some of the very best casinos around and would recommend them to anyone looking to play online.

Karen J:

As I play a lot of slot games I do like the unique Jackpot Thermometer feature that is available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

When I log into my account and am deciding what slot games to play I always use that feature to pick out the slots to play.

I tend to play the slots which have not paid out their jackpots recently for I tend to think that those jackpots are going to be overdue.

I have a much greater chance of winning a jackpot on a cold slot game rather one that has just paid out its jackpot payout!

Marcus T:

I don’t always play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for real money as I can log in and play any of their games with the exception of their progressive jackpot paying games for free, and I find that is very handy when they have launched a new game.

I always test out each new casino games at no risk initially to see if I actually like the way they have been designed and how they play and pay, and if I do I then simply switch over to playing them in the real money playing environment, so I do like the free play options!