It will of course be up to you and what you look for and demand from any casino you choose to visit in Canada that will ultimately determine if the casinos you do visit are the best ones. However, we have listed below ten of what we feel are the best casinos you can visit in many different cities and provinces of Canada so do consider visiting some of those casino listed below.

  • Lake City Casino – The Lake City Casino in Penticiton is a place worthy of your visit, this casino is in British Columbia and was opened not that long ago in the year 2000. One thing you will be assured of when visiting Lake City Casino is a very warm welcome and you will find a huge selection of different casino games are on offer to you.
  • Starlight Casino – Another casino we think is well worth visiting when you are in a gambling frame of mind is the Lake City Casino in New Westminster, what we like about this casino that was opened in 2007 is that it has a fresh clean look about it and there are a huge and very varied selection of games available that can be played for very low, mid-ranged or even very high stakes, so there will be a game for everyone!
  • St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino – If you have two passions in life one of which is playing golf and the other is gambling then we think you are going to be in seventh heaven if and when you do decide to pay a visit to the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino. This is a venue based in Cranbrook and was opened back in the year 2002, and offers all manner of different casino games and one of the very best golf course in the area too!
  • Billy Barker Casino Hotel – The Billy Barker Casino Hotel is based in Quesnel, and if you have never paid that venue a visit before then we think you ought to for the hotel itself is one of the best ones in British Colombia at which you will find a large and sprawling casino a short walk from your hotel room, as you will never be far away from all manner of unique gambling opportunities. 
  • Cascades Casino – If you are ever passing through or even visiting Langley in Canada and you fancy taking a break and gabling on a huge variety of different casino games then the Cascades Casino is worth popping into, however make sure you do set aside a lot of spare time when visiting that venue which opened in 2005 for there will be plenty of different types and categories of casino games waiting to be played the second you wander through the huge front doors!
  • Edgewater Casino – You are going to find a huge number of things to do and places to see when you visit Vancouver, but should you be there and you find yourself wishing to place some casino games then you need to head on over to the Edgewater Casino. That venue opened their doors back in 2005 and have quickly established themselves as the number one destination in the are of everyone who fancies spending some time enjoying themselves playing casino games of every possible type and category!
  • Grand Villa Casino – Burnaby is the place that you will find the Grand Villa Casino, and it is one of the newer casino in British Columbia that opened its doors back in 2008, as the name suggest this venue is huge and jam packed full of all manner of different casino games that you will certainly enjoy playing, just make sure you do try out a varied selection of different games to allow you to have a fun and enjoyable visit!
  • Hard Rock Casino – There are of course a number of Hard Rock Casinos located all over the world but not visit to Coquitlam would be complete without you paying a visit to the casino located there which is of course another Hard Rock venue. Slot player in particular are going to love the range and choice of slot machines on offer and with both low and high stake slots on offer no matter what your gambling budget you will have plenty of slot machines that will be suitable for that budget and your bankroll!
  • Great Canadian Casino –  One of the older casino venues you can visit in Canada is the Nanaimo casino which opened its door to a great fanfare way back in 1998. If you do wish to set aside some time to pay that casino a visit then you will find plenty of great playing and potentially very high paying casino games on offer, but you would be best advised to visit at a quieter time of the week as it can get very busy in the evenings and over the weekend!
  • Lake City Casino – You will find some rather strange names for towns and cities in Canada such as Kamloops, however there is nothing strange about the Lake City Casino which was opened in 1992. You will have a ball playing all of their games when you do decide to pay that casino a visit and with lots of brand new slot machines being wheeled out on the gaming floor regularly you will always find lots of brand new and never seen before slot machines.