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What ultimately determines an online casino as being the best online casino will be defined by several different factors! However, when there are several casinos owned and operated by just one company that are operated to the very highest of standards all of those casinos are worthy of your play time!

One of the most respected gaming companies that has been in business for many years is the Casino Rewards Group, and we do have to say that having played at each of their casino sites they do offer players a fully rounded and very enjoyable gaming experience.

It is with that in mind that in this guide to the best online casino we are going to be pointing out to you and letting you know just what is unique about each of their many casinos, but also what unique benefits will be coming your way when you play at any of them.

Please therefore spend as much time as you need reading through this guide for the casinos we are about to introduce to you are going to be the very best ones you can play at, for each of the reasons given below.

We should points out however that all of them use the same gaming platforms and therefore the same range of games, and it is Microgamings state of the art range of games and downloadable, instant play and mobile gaming platforms you will be using to access each best casinos range of games.

Best Online Casino for Slot Players

It will be at Zodiac Casino that you are going to be very well catered for if you enjoy playing slot games, for they have every type and category of slot machine available, and you can test them out for free before you play them for real money.

But make sure that you spend a little bit of time looking at not only their amazing and unique and exclusive sign up welcome bonus but also take a good look at their range of ongoing slot related promotional offers and bonuses too.

We say that as this casino site is famed for having some of the most liberal terms and conditions attached and associated with all of their slot game related bonus offers, so if and when you do claim any of them you will have a very good chance of winning with your bonus credits.

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Plus, with progressives slot game also on offer that award some life changing jackpot payouts, and as some of those slots come with very low staking options too you will not have to have a huge slot playing bankroll if you do want to play any of them!

You can also access their range of games via a casino app, an instant play gaming platform or even play them via a fully downloadable gaming platform too!

Best Paying Casino Games

Every single  casino game that you come across no matter at which online casino site you choose to play at is going to be designed to return either a payout percentage over the long term or it will be set with a certain house edge.

As a player the only games you should be playing with your own hard earned money are those which have been designed with either the very highest payout percentages, which means you will get more of your stakes back as winning payouts when playing those games or the games that have the very lowest house edges

The games with low house edges will not earn the casino as much profit over the long term and as such they are some of the best game you can play too!

There are going to be such a huge variety of high payout percentages and low house edges on offer on many of the games at Luxury Casino that no matter when you choose to play as long as those are the game you do choose to play you ill then naturally get more play time from your bankroll and more winning opportunities too.

All of the games at that casino site are verified as being completely fair and random too so you can always play with complete confidence no matter what types and what categories of casino games you love and enjoy playing the most, so do give some of their games some play time when you can do so!

Best Casino Site for Table Games

Players who are only interested in playing casino table games should be actively signing up to and then playing at casino sites as Golden Tiger Casino, for when it comes to table games you are going to be able to play a huge range of them!

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There are going to be lot so different Roulette games on offer to you as a player at Golden Tiger Casino and with their French Roulette game for example offering players who stick to betting on the even money paying betting opportunities a house edge of a tiny 1.35% there are going to be plenty of winning opportunities when players do play that variant of Roulette.

You may however fancy playing games such as Dice games, and if so then the Vegas Craps game on offer at that casino site is going to give you literally hours of fun and winning opportunities, and being a multi stake game you are always going to be in control of the stake levels you do decide to play it for!

There is also a Sicbo game on offer that may be of interest to you and that game is designed to use three dice, which are rolled on each game you play off.

You are then going to be able to place a range of different wagers if you do decide to play Sicbo at this casino site and each wagering opportunity will offer a different payout too!

Best Online Casino for Blackjack Games

Many casino players who choose to play online do so to get access to some of the very lowest house edges on games such as Blackjack, for the house edges available at some online casinos are way lower than are offered at land based casinos!

That is certainly going to be the case if you make the very wise decision of signing up to and then playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino!

There have dozens of different Blackjack game variant that you can play for free or if you choose to play those games for real money then you are going to be able to play for very low or even very high stake amounts.

They have single hand Blackjack games on offer and plenty of multi-hand Blackjack game variants on offer too, in fact you may also be interested to learn that they also have a progressive jackpot paying Blackjack game that goes by the name of the Triple 7’s game, so be on the lookout for that game too.

Being a casino site that does cater for a huge number of Blackjack player you are going to find that when you do sign up and start to play in the real money playing environment you are going to find plenty of very high valued bonus offers will become available to you.

Those bonus offers will often be designed in such a  way that you can use your awarded bonus credits on the range of different Blackjack games and not just on games such as slot machines or video poker games!

Best Online Casino for Progressive Games

Due to the fact that if you do win a progressive jackpot when playing any of the game over at Quatro Casino that they will pay you out that entire jackpot via a one single winning payout, you should always try and give some of their progressive games some play time.

Luxury Casino Bonus

You will find that some online casinos will not allow you to withdraw all of your progressive jackpot winnings via a one single withdrawal and as such you could end up waiting for years to get paid out those winnings if you play at any other online casino site.

What we do love about the progressive jackpot games available at this casinos site is that they are networked across the entire Microgaming network, so the jackpots always do grow rapidly in value and any player playing them no matter where they are playing them does have a chance of winning those jackpots too.

So if you want to play not only slot games and video poker games but also a plethora of other types of casino games all of which you will find progressive jackpots attached to them and on offer on them then please make your ways over to Quatro Casino

By doing so you will have dozens of very exciting and of course potentially huge paying progressive jackpot games on offer to you which come with many different staking options too!

Most Generous Online Casino Site

Bonuses flow freely at quite a number of different online casino sites but you need to be assured that any bonus offers you do claim are going to be fairly designed and will give you a fair and reasonable chance of winning with them too.

As such you ought to pay a visit to Grand Mondial Casino for their bonuses are designed in much a way that you are never going to have to read though page after page of terms and conditions and those bonuses that you can claim will be added to your account instantly the very second you have claimed them too.

Not only are new player and ongoing bonuses on offer to you at this casino site they have a generous player rewards scheme in place too so even if you do not claim any bonuses you are still going to be able to accumulate additional playing credits purely through your real money gaming action.

The payout percentages  on the slot games and video poker games and also on their unique scratchcard and keno games have been set very high too so you will always get a fair amount of play time when playing those types of games at this casino site,

Plus, as there are going to be no shortages of casino card and table games offering very low house edges if those are the types of casino games you much prefer playing then you really are going to be spoilt for choice in regards to the very highest paying one you can set about playing online!

Best Online Casino Loyalty Scheme

We are regular players at the Captain Cooks Casino, as all of our team love the fact that when playing absolutely any of their games for real money they get to earn a lot of comp points from their real money gaming action.

As such if you are seeking out just one casino site to play at then you will never go wrong playing at this casino site and all of your real money gaming action is going to be rewarded with high valued comp points too.

The redemption rates that you can exchange and swap all of your comp points for are very low, and there are no unfair or unreasonable terms and conditions associated with your redeemed comp point bonus credits.

Plus, one additional feature we do like about the loyalty scheme at Captain Cooks Casino is that you are going to be allocated your own Casino Host and they will be regularly in touch with you and will be offering you even more ongoing bonus offers that will always be credited to your account instantly once you have claimed any of them.

It is always your decision of course as to just which casino sites you do sign up to and play at but in regards to comps and ongoing bonus you will be very hard pressed to find a more rewarding casino site than this casino, so take a good look over their website and see for yourself just what else they are going to be offering you as a player!

Checklist for Claiming Casino Bonuses

One thing we would finally like to draw your attention to is what you should be looking for in regards to claiming and using casino bonuses. There are so many different bonuses available to you that you will be best advised to take a quick look through and study this final section.

What you will find listed below are a range of different aspects of casino bonuses, and alongside each of them we will be letting you know what makes one type of bonus play rule or term and condition often found attached to bonus offers either generous and reasonable or not as the case may be!

You are never going to be under the obligation to have to claim and then make use of any bonuses that our featured best online casino sites are offering you, but if you do fancy claiming any of those bonuses always make sure the terms and conditions are designed in such a way that out always get a fair chance of winning when playing off your bonus credits!

Play Through – One thing you will find attached to all casino bonuses no matter where you choose to claim and make use of them is a set of what are known as play through requirements, and it is often the play through requirements that will make one bonus much more appealing than other bonuses.

The play through requirement is simply the number of times that you have to play through your bonus credits before they get turned into real money credits, The general rule of thumb is that the lower the play through requirement is the better!

As such only select bonuses to claim and make use of that boast very low play through requirements. Also only utilize bonuses on which the play through requirements are low and only associated with your bonus credits and not also your deposit funds!

Cash Out Limits – Any bonus offer that out come across that has maximum cash out limit associated with it are going to be high risk bonuses to take.

If you do come across a bonus which has any maximum cash out limit then you are only ever going to be able to win a certain amount of cash from those bonuses, and any winnings higher in value that you achieve than the cash out limit are avoided out and returned to the casino!

So if you make use of a bonus that does have say 100.00 as the maximum cash out limit if you won for example 1000.00 you are only ever going to be able to claim 100.00 as winning with that bonus and the casino will keep the other 900.00!

With that in mind you would be best advised never to claim any type of bonus, no matter how tempting it is that has a maximum cash but limit associated with it!

Game Restrictions – Some bonuses are designed to be used only on certain casino games, and as such that is something else that you need to be fully aware of if you do enjoy gambling online and are a fan of making use of all manner of different casino bonuses!

It will be completely pointless for example claiming a slot game bonus offer if you hate playing slot games and only tend to play Blackjack games, for when you claim such a bonus you can only use the bonus credits on slot games and not your preferred Blackjack games.

So another thing to make a point of checking in the bonus terms and conditions is whether you are going to be restricted in regards to the type of casino games you will be able to play with any bonus credits you have claimed!

Staking Levels – Another thing that you do have to make a point of checking out in the bonus rules and bonus terms and conditions if you come across any online casino bonuses that you like the look of is whether there are any staking rules associated with any bonus you have claimed.

Most casinos are very, very strict in regards to the value of wagers that you can place when you are using bonus credits and as such always check to see if you are only allowed to play for a certain stake amount when you have bonus credits in your casino account.

If you play for any stake level over and above the maximum stake level permitted when using bonus credits you will find the casino is in their rights to void out and cancel any winning you have achieved with those bonus credits!

Auto Play – One other thing that you do need to be aware of in regards to claim and then using online casino bonus offers is that some casino sites will not permit you to use the auto play option settings when you have an active bonus in your casino account.

This is something you should always look for in the terms and conditions of any bonus offer you do come across for once again if you do use the auto play setting and win and then try and cash out your winning. If the casino you are playing at does not allow you to use auto play when using bonus credits they will void out your winnings!

Fair Play – Fortunately the way in which the bonus terms and conditions have been put together at each of our featured best online casino sites is such that you will find they are very fair and reasonable, and as such you are always going to have a fair chance of winning when claiming any of those casino bonuses.

In fact, as each of those best online casino sites listed above are very
generous in regards to their bonus offers you are going to find plenty of them
will become available to you as you play at any of them, so you will be getting
lots of playing value!