Online Slots

Thousands of different types of slot games are always going to be at your instant disposal if you make the very wise decision of signing up to several of our approved and highly recommended online casino sites, so if you are a lover of
Luxury Casino slot machines of any description then we would encourage you to sign up to any of those sites and give their range of slot games a whirl.

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One of the main benefits of doing so is that you are going to have the option of playing for free and at no risk, or if you do want to play for real money where all wins and losses are of course real then you will need to sign up as a
casino real money player instead.

One thing that you will never go short of when playing slot games at
Blackjack Ballroom online Casino are slot bonuses, in fact not only are slot machine and slot game bonuses on offer to new players at all of our featured and showcased online casino sites but if you become a regular and a loyal player at those casino sites you will get lots of additional bonuses too!

In case your are wondering, when you do play online slot games of any decision for real money online when you will be earning comp points much like you do in many land based casinos and as such you will get even more bang for your buck when doing so.

Online Slots Games

If you do fancy getting stuck into laying slot games online then let us give you an overview of the main categories of slots that you will be able to play online for free or you can play them for real money online too.


Classic and 3 Reel Slots – The Classic and 3 reel slots are usually the oldest slot machines you will find being offered at online casino sites having three reels and often no types of bonus games they are quite basic slots to play.

Video Slot Games – There are two main types of video slots, those that offer bonus features and bonus games and those that offer no bonus games or features, you will often find they have five video reels instead of three stepper reels!

Fruit Slots the Real Money Slot Machines – When you choose to start playing a fruit machine you will find the vast majority of them offer 3 reels, but what makes them different to all of the other categories of slots is that they are quite low stake gaming machines but ones that boast a huge number of different bonus games and bonus features, so you do get a lot of play time for your money when playing any of them online.

Progressive Slots – The final category of slots that may just interest you are those on which when playing them you could win instantly a progressive jackpot. Progressive slots as they are known can be either 3 reel slots or video slots and some of them even have more than one progressive jackpot on offer!

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Most Played Canadian Slots Machines

Whilst you will always find plenty of casino card and table games on offer to you at any Canadian casinos, it will probably be the slot machines that will tempt you to play them in such venues.

As such let us now give you some idea as to the types and categories of slot machines that you will often find available on the gaming floors of any casino you do step foot in, all of which will be offering you a range of different staking options, bonus features and jackpot payouts too!

Penny Slot Machines – As long as you do not place too many coins on each activated pay-line you put into play when playing penny slot machines you will find you can play the m for very low stakes and can make your available bankroll and gambling budget last a very long time.

The range and type of penny slot machines you will find on all Canadian casino gaming floors is going to be huge and varied so you will always have plenty of them on offer to you and many of them you will find very appealing thanks usually to the themes and bonus games and bonus features.

Be aware though that the payout percentages attached to slot machines that are penny slots can often be lower in value than the payout percentages attached and on offer on slots with higher valued denominations, so if you can comfortably afford to pay those higher denomination slot machines then you will get more winning payouts over the long term thanks to those much higher payout percentages.

Progressive Slots – A small percentage of your stakes are fed into the jackpot pool when you are playing progressive slot machines and as such the more you play them the more you will have added to those jackpot pools.

However, the odds of you winning such a jackpot will be huge, depending of course just how big the jackpots are, so always play those types of slot machines sparingly as you can play them for years and never win such a jackpot!

Hi Stake Slots – There very highest stake slot machines are going to be found in the High Limit slot game area in all casino venues, however just make sure that you can comfortably afford to play those slots when you do wander into such an area as the coin value settings can be set very high in those parts of the casino.

You will often find the high limit slots do boast much higher payout percentages when compared to for example the penny or one cent slot games, so by playing them over time you will get more of your stakes returned as winning payouts!

3 Reel Slots – Those of you slot players out there who are seeking some of the more basic and high paying slot machines then consider playing the three reel single pay line slot machines as those types of slots have no bonus games and no bonus features so you always get a non-complicated slot playing experience.

To be assured of you getting the maximum winning chances when you are playing single pay line three reel slots you will need to play maximum coins per spin a soften there is an enhanced jackpot up for grabs when you do playing maximum coins spins on such slot machines.

Video Slot Machines – If you want hours of fun and entertainment then you will be best advised to play some of the low stake video slot machines that are going to be on offer to you at all Canada based casinos. By playing those types of slots you will trigger all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features some of which can be very high paying ones, even when you are playing them for tiny little stake amounts!

Always be on the lookout for any brand new slot machines available in any casino in Canada you pay a visit to, for you will often find those slots come with plenty of new features that you will never have seen or come across before that will certainly enhance your playing experience!

Slotmachine Player Comments

As soon as you do start to play online slot machines and online slot game you are going to have an absolute ball, and as each slot game offered at all of our featured online casino sites are completely random fair and honest game you could win big at any time.

Below you will find some slot players comments in regards to how they have experienced playing Zodiac Casino slot games online, and as such we cordially invite you to read on to discover why millions of other slot players do enjoy playing slot games online by reading through those comments.

One thing that you can often do when playing slot games online is find out the payout percentage of each slot available at any casino site you are playing at. If you take a look at either the help files or the pay table of each slot that is where you will find that information, however I have noticed more and more casino sites now list the RTP of every single slot game that have available on their website, and the one thing that you should do is only every play the slots that have the very highest payout percentages! NF Newport

I only play at casino sites online that have over 200 games for that way I am always guaranteed of having plenty of slot games to play, the casinos that I have found do offer the largest selection of slot machines and slot games are those that have the Microgaming software platforms, in fact when playing at those sites I often find that each month lots of brand new slot games are loaded onto their gaming platforms so there are always spent of brand new slots to get stuck into playing! – TR Rhyl

If you want to play for very low stakes then the best type of online slots I have found to play are those that offer a the variance type of playing structure, whilst those slot games are admittedly high risk slots to play by playing them for very low stakes as a low rolling slot player you do have the chance of winning big, there are also lot of progressive slots available to that offer some fairly low staking options and some very large jackpots are on offer on those slots which are always worth playing online –
DH Perth

One thing you might not be aware about playing slots online is that there are often lots of different option settings available for example if you do not like the sound effects on some slot games than you can turn them off, and you will also find that many online slot games will let you pay with an auto play settings so the slots will play themselves for you automatically. Also one thing I do like about all online slots is that I always have the option of selecting my own stakes per spin which allows me to play at my own speed and for my own preferred stake levels too! KH Montreal